Mutation of persons

Personal mutations are necessary if, for example, someone wants to join the management or the board of directors as a new member, as this requires an entry in the commercial register. Changes in marital status or place of residence also require a mutation, as Art. 933, para. 1 CO stipulates that the commercial register data must be updated.

We will be happy to assist you with a possible personal mutation. The following points must be observed:

  1. Newly registered persons must have their signature certified at the municipality or by a notary in Switzerland.
  2. In the case of a person resident abroad, the certification can also be carried out by the authorities there. In this case, however, an apostille is also required so that the certification can be recognised in Switzerland.

Furthermore, it is also important to note:

  1. At least one person with individual signature of the highest administrative body or two persons with collective signature of two must be resident in Switzerland.

We would be happy to assist you in keeping your commercial register data up to date.

Now you can easily change the entry

in the commercial register

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Service scope

• Preparation of the documents
• All notary fees
• Notarizations
• Preliminary examination of the documents
• Communication with the trade register

Not included in the price are the official fees of the trade register and the costs of any certifications of signatures.



You enter the desired changes in our system.


We will send you the documents by e-mail for review and signature. From our side, this step takes a maximum of two working days.


Look through the documents carefully and return all documents to us signed and in their original form. Please do not forget any identity cards or passports.


The documents are checked, notarised (if necessary) and submitted to the commercial register office. The publication of the changes in the commercial register should take place after about two weeks.


All legal forms Only LLC
Registration person CHF 150 -
Mutation person CHF 150 -
Deletion person CHF 150 -
Each additional person + CHF 50 -
Transfer of shares* - CHF 200
official fees* ca. CHF 30 per person CHF 100**
Alle Unternehmensformen
Eintragung Person CHF 150
Mutation Person CHF 150
Löschung Person CHF 150
Jede weitere Person + CHF 50
amtliche Gebühren* ca. CHF 30 pro Person
Stammanteilsübertragung* CHF 200
amtliche Gebühren* CHF 100**

*If the shares are transferred due to a change (registration, mutation, deletion), you only pay the price of the share transfer.
**CHF 30 per change in the person + CHF 70 per share transfer.

FAQ about mutation of persons

Here you will find the four most important questions about mutation of persons. Answers to other topics can be found in our FAQs of the Commercial Register.


No, we are part of Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG and are not affiliated with the cantonal commercial registry offices. However, an amendment commissioned with us is submitted directly to the rele-vant cantonal commercial register office.

In addition to the official fees for the entry and publication of the changes in the commercial register, additional expenses may be incurred, for example for the certification or apostille of signatures. If additional costs are incurred, we will be happy to inform you in advance.

The processing of a change in the commercial register depends on various factors. The type of change requested, the time it takes to obtain all the necessary signatures and the workload of the commercial register office all play a role. As a rule, simple orders without certification can be published in the commercial register within two weeks of the order being submitted. Orders with certification take about three weeks to be completed.

In order to find out the current status of your order, we kindly ask you to contact us via We will be happy to send you a status report. If there are any delays, we will inform you proactively.

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