Privacy Statement

Data protection on the website

As the owner of, Moneyhouse AG is committed to protecting personal data. All of the online activities of Moneyhouse AG are subject to Swiss laws regarding data privacy and data security.

Since publishing personal data on its website, Moneyhouse AG has come to an agreement, following three audits, with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC, on the use of personal data in respect of the central issues involved, and complies with the negotiated recommendations issued in the directives.

Collection and handling of the personal data of our users

Personal data is information that identifies you, e.g. your name, your email address or your postal address. This information is not saved unless you make it available to Moneyhouse AG when registering, e.g. when you order information material or subscribe to our newsletter. For more details, please refer to the User Agreement. This information is not disclosed by us to third parties nor is it used to modify or supplement the information on our website.

Automatic collection of data

When you access the website, general information that is not of a personal nature (e.g. Your web browser, number of visits, average length of visit, pages viewed) is collected automatically (i.e. not the information provided by you when registering). This information is used to improve the attractiveness, content and functionality of the website.


Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored on your hard drive. They are only used to gather information about the use of the Moneyhouse AG website. This makes it possible to recognise your computer automatically the next time you visit the Moneyhouse AG website. Nevertheless, cookies do not contain any information of a personal nature, so your privacy remains secure. Depending on your settings, your web browser may accept cookies automatically. However, you may change your browser settings at any time and also use the website of Moneyhouse AG ( without cookies.

Published information

Company information

All of the company information is taken from the commercial register in your canton, which is available in a summarised form at All information published on is public and, as per a decision (A-4086/2007) of the Federal Administrative Court, its publication is permitted without time restrictions. No consent is required from the persons or companies affected. If you wish to amend the entry in the commercial register that relates to you then we would be only too pleased to assist.

Categories of data

The following categories of data pertaining to personal information, where available, are processed: surname, first name(s), address (current home address), address (previous home address), gender, date of birth, age, occupation, telephone number.

Personal information

In personal information we distinguish two categories: information of a public nature and that of a private nature. Public information, like company information, originates from the commercial register of your canton; according to a decision (A-4086/2007) of the Federal Administrative Court its publication is permitted without time restrictions. No consent is required from the persons or companies affected.

Private information is taken from sources in the public domain such as planning approval applications and planning approvals published in official gazettes and municipal publications, and from birth announcements, direct marking information, phone directories or information collected from you when taking part in a competition. According to the Data Protection Act, no separate additional publication consent is required for any of this information (opt-out principle). The information originates from various sources (see “Data sources” menu item). We comply with the obligation to verify that the information is correct. We also take any necessary actions with regard to the purpose of the procurement, processing or correction of this information.

Purpose of processing information

The purpose of publishing your personal information is to enable us to offer a service to our clients or subscribers and our business partners, who are also the recipients of the information collected. There are no third persons involved in collecting this information, i.e. persons who might be able to make entries in the data collected or make changes to it.

Accessible information

The following categories of data pertaining to personal information are processed: surname, first name(s), address (current home address), address (previous home address), gender, date of birth, age, occupation, telephone number. Persons living in the same household and neighbours are aggregated on the basis of their address and telephone number.

Data sources

For information, please refer to our partner page. The information items indicated there are or have been taken directly from the original sources or gleaned by way of third parties (e.g. the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) and Zefix for commercial register information and Schober Information Group (Schweiz) AG and AZ Direct for address and household data). We do not collect or store credit rating information. This information is sourced from CRIF AG when specific queries are submitted and conveyed directly to the user.

Personal credit rating information queries and deletion requests

Personal credit rating information

We would be happy to send you a credit report showing the personal credit rating information on you stored on free of charge. Please send your request including a copy of an official piece of personal identification to:
Moneyhouse AG, Lettenstrasse 7, 6343 Rotkreuz, or by E-Mail. The form recommended by the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) for information requests is available here: Request for Information. After checking your information request you will receive your credit report within 30 days. It will be sent to you by post, as required by law.

Deletion of your information

You can have the private information that is not included in your commercial register entry deleted in its entirety on Your information will be deleted permanently from and will thus also no longer appear in Google searches. It generally takes up to four weeks for entries to no longer appear in Google searches. You are advised to dispense with constantly running Google searches to verify the removal of this information because Google builds up a search history file and this can prevent your information from being removed swiftly and completely.

Deletion requests can be submitted directly here.

Moneyhouse AG manages an independent database. For data protection reasons and in accordance with the FDPIC recommendations of February 2013, any deletion requests already made to other databases should be repeated for Moneyhouse AG.