• Foundation service: The easy way to start your own company

    Drafting articles of association and powers of attorney, going to the notary office and the commercial register office. What else needs to be done? Anyone who starts a company requires a number of documents from different locations. For this reason, team advises you on creating your company and prepares all of the documentation for you.

    Sole proprietorship

    CHF 250.00
    + approx CHF 130.00
    commercial register fees


    CHF 750.00
    + approx CHF 470.00
    commercial register fees


    CHF 900.00
    + approx CHF 470.00
    commercial register fees

    Other legal form?

    Contact us for a free consultation.

    The right legal form for your company

    There are many different legal forms to choose from. The most popular are the sole proprietorship, the limited liability company and the public limited company. Haven't you decided yet? Contact us for a free consultation or read more about the legal forms:

    Sole proprietorship | Limited liability company | Public limited company

    Many years of experience

    Founding a company takes a lot of time and prior knowledge. Create your company with Moneyhouse and concentrate on the essentials. More than 850 founders have already taken the first step towards independence with us.

    Frequently asked questions

    Fair price and fast foundation

    Our foundation service starts at CHF 250.00, there will be additional commerical register fees. A registration in the commerical register office usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

    How can we help you?

    Our company foundation FAQ covers many open questions.

    Do you have any questions or would you like further information?
    Arrange a free consultation appointment directly online or contact us:

    Telephone: +41 258 28 88 or by email: crs@moneyhouse.ch
    Monday-Friday: 8:30am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 4:30pm

    Note for checking of the company name:
    When founding a new company, you must enter a name for it. We check whether the name meets the requirements of the commercial register. This does not include a detailed check as to whether any existing trademark rights have been infringed (brand clearance). Please contact us if you are in need of such an audit.