• Moneyhouse Public API

    We recommend our API interface for automated queries and credit rating information in larger quantities. This connects your systems directly to the Moneyhouse service and gives you access to our database with all available information about companies and persons.

    Your access to the Moneyhouse data universe

    Allow your systems direct access to our database.

    • Automatically retrieve information on companies and persons
    • Retrieve information on private individuals
    • Make credit rating queries directly via API interface
    • Receive daily updated SOGC notifications

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    Individual integration options

    Get our business information directly into your IT environment, according to your needs.

    • Connect your CRM directly to the Moneyhouse service via API
    • Use the data to improve your own products and services
    • The REST API architecture allows easy access

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    Get started with the API now

    Get your test access now. We will be happy to respond to your individual requirements and needs and look forward to joint projects.

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    What are the prices for using the Public API?

    The cost of the API depends on the number of endpoints you need for your project. In addition, there is a one-time setup fee. When accessing all data from Moneyhouse, the yearly costs are correspondingly higher than when accessing only the publications, for example.

    We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and needs and to provide you with a test access.

    How customers use our API

    Easy and fast onboarding process thanks to Moneyhouse API integration.