• Economic information: Comprehensively informed

    Protection against financial damages requires a reliable and complete business report about your business partners. Get an overview of the economic situation of a company with a comprehensive economic information.

    Economic information for CHF 49.00

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    • Evaluation of credit rating with traffic light
    • Payment behaviour of the last invoices
    • Risk assessment with industry comparison
    • Notifications from debt collection and debt enforcement offices
    • Company information from the commercial register

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    Simple illustration as a traffic light

    Moneyhosue illustrates the credit rating of a company or person with a traffic light.

    Green means that there are no known irregularities. Orange indicates that a more detailed check is recommended regarding certain elements. The color does not imply a diminished credit rating. A red traffic light, on the other hand, warns and points to discrepancies.

    Proof of valid interest
    Due to data protection regulations, you can only request information which you are entitled to (e.g. in the case of a contractual relationship). You must specify a reason for querying economic information. Learn more

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