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    In order to check credit rating and payment behaviour, your account must be verified once by means of proof of identity (ID, passport, driving licence). For reasons of data protection, you can only request information if you are authorized to do so (e.g. in the case of a contractual relationship). The following additional conditions therefore apply:

    Credit rating, payment behaviour and economic information
    Indication of a reason for query (purchase agreement, rental agreement, loan and credit income or employment agreement)

    Payment collection information
    Upload of a proof of interest (inquiry, order, invoice, contract)

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    How can I order a report?

    Information on companies and persons can only be requested directly on the corresponding profile. Therefore, search for the respective company or person (search tips).

    On the respective profile you will find all available reports on the company or person in question under the heading «Reports». You can either make an individual query or order a credit rating package and/or a payment behaviour package if you require more than just one report.

    Why do I need to upload a proof of identity for a query?

    Moneyhouse takes data protection very seriously. You can only request credit rating information about companies and persons if you are authorized to do so. This requires a one-off verification of your identity by means of proof of identity. You can check the status of your verification at any time in your customer account.

    To order a payment collection information, an additional proof of your interest is required (inquiry, order, invoice, contract).

    How can I upload my proof of identity?

    If your account has not yet been verified, you will be notified to upload the ID copy directly in your customer account. The upload function for verification can be found in the customer account on «Personal data». If you wish to make a query on a company or person profile and you are not yet verified, you will also be referred to the verification process in your account.

    To upload your file, select the link «Upload ID» and click on the dotted box to select the file. Alternatively, you can drag your file directly to the box. Usually the verification will be done within one working day.

    If your identity card has expired, you can upload a new file to your customer account at any time.

    How do I upload a proof of interest for a payment collection information?

    After completing the order of your payment collection information, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you have to upload your proof of interest. We will also send you the link again after your order by email to upload the document later. If you did not receive the email, please contact our customer service.

    We will send you the ordered payment collection information after successful verification within 2-3 working days by email.

    How do I request a credit rating information?

    Call up the company or person you are looking for on moneyhouse.ch. Click on the «Check credit rating». button in the top right corner of your profile. If you still have available queries, you will be taken directly to the query. Select a query reason and complete your order. The document will then be created and automatically downloaded.

    If you do not yet have any available queries, you can either buy an individual query or order a credit rating package. You will be led back to the selection of the query reason of the corresponding company or person and your document will be created. You need to be an active Premium member with a verified customer account.

    How do I retrieve an already requested credit rating information again?

    You will find queries that have already been made in your customer account under the heading «Reports». To view your reports again, click on the PDF symbol and the report will be downloaded as a PDF file. However, the query is not updated, it is the status of the query at the time of your initial request.

    How can I make a larger number of queries?

    In addition to individual queries, we offer credit rating and payment behaviour packages with 10, 20, 40, 80, 250 or 500 queries.

    For automated queries on a larger scale, we recommend our API interface. This allows you to connect your systems directly to the Moneyhouse service. More information about our API integration can be found here: Moneyhouse Public API