• Credit rating information: Clarity on your business partners

    Protection against financial damages requires a reliable and complete business report about your business partners. To this end, we gather comprehensive creditworthiness information about companies. This gives you much more information at a glance than you would receive from official debt enforcement reports.

    The credit rating information is available as a single query or as a package with 10, 20, 40, 80, 250 or 500 queries.

    Credit rating package for CHF 95.00

    • Evaluation of credit rating with traffic light
    • Recommendations for action
    • Company information from the commercial register
    • Current payment details (as additional query for CHF 13.50)

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    Credit rating - what does it actually mean?

    As credit rating - or creditworthiness - we understand the ability of a debtor to meet his future payment obligations completely and on time.

    Simple illustration as a traffic light

    Moneyhosue illustrates the credit rating of a company or person with a traffic light.

    Green means that there are no known irregularities. Orange indicates that a more detailed check is recommended regarding certain elements. The color does not imply a diminished credit rating. A red traffic light, on the other hand, warns and points to discrepancies.

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