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Changes in the statutory auditors

The size and the articles of association of a company determine whether a statutory auditor is necessary and whether an audit must be carried out accordingly. However, by opting in, it is always possible to register an auditor even without an obligation.



If you wish to carry out an audit voluntarily, the first step is to find a statutory auditor, who will then be elected by the highest body in your company. We will be happy to prepare all the necessary documents, including the declaration of acceptance for the new auditors. Important: Even if you are not required to have an audit, the elected auditor must have the appropriate license.

If you already have a statutory auditor and want to replace him, then the process is simple. The new auditors are newly elected by the highest body of your company. At the same time, the existing auditors are replaced. Here, too, it is important to note that the new auditors must be licensed. We will be happy to support you in this change.

If you are no longer required to have an audit, but still have a statutory auditor and do not wish to have an audit in the future, then you can opt out.


In the context of an opting-out, the statutory auditor is voted out by the highest body of the company. This is only possible if your company is no longer subject to mandatory auditing. If your articles of association stipulate that an auditor must be registered, the articles of association must also be amended. This again requires a notarisation. A signed copy of the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for the last two completed financial years must in any case be enclosed with the opting-out documents. Only then can the statutory auditor be removed from the commercial register entry.

New registration of a subsidiary (CH/abroad)

Subsidiary with headquarters in Switzerland

When a subsidiary is newly registered in Switzerland, a number of documents must be submitted. These differ depending on whether the subsidiary is registered in the same canton as the headquarters or outside of it. If the subsidiary is located in another canton, a notarisation of the signature of the person signing the application must also be submitted. A certification must also be obtained if a person is to be authorised to sign only for the subsidiary.

Subsidiary with headquarters abroad

When newly registering a subsidiary with its headquarters abroad, several important points must be taken into account. Firstly, the subsidiary must be represented by at least one person in Switzerland with authority to sign. In addition to the registration form and the certified signature of the new person being registered, it is also necessary to submit a certified copy of the articles of association and the extract from the commercial register where the headquarters is located. If the certification is made abroad, it must also be provided with an apostille.

Increase of capital

In order for us to determine the best course of action for your capital increase, we recommend that you contact us in advance by telephone. You can reach us during normal office hours at 041 511 07 42. Of course, this consultation is free of charge. Normally, we carry out capital increases by means of resolutions passed by the general meeting of shareholders, as well as by the board of directors or the management. Both resolutions must be notarised. The notarial fees for both certifications as well as the expenses for the preparation of the documents are fully included in the price. It should be noted that the shareholders or partners must be present at the notarisation. The shareholders and partners may be represented by other shareholders or partners by means of powers of attorney, provided this is permitted by the articles of association.

Registration of an additional company address

In addition to the domicile address, a company registered in the trade register can also have other addresses registered at which it can be reached by post. This is particularly useful if you want to register a branch that is located outside the registered domicile address. In order for us to be able to prepare the necessary documents for you, we usually only need an application signed by the supreme authority of your company. We will be happy to assist you in this process.

Registration of general partnerships

The registration of a general partnership is comparable to the registration of a sole proprietorship. Unlike a sole proprietorship, a general partnership must state when it is to commence its business activities. In addition, all partners to be registered must have their signatures notarised.



You enter the desired changes in our system.


We will send you the documents by e-mail for review and signature. From our side, this step takes a maximum of two working days.


Look through the documents carefully and return all documents to us signed and in their original form. Please do not forget any identity cards or passports.


The documents are checked, notarised (if necessary) and submitted to the commercial register office. The publication of the changes in the commercial register should take place after about two weeks.

FAQ about other services

Here you will find the four most important questions about other services. Answers to other topics can be found in our FAQs of the Commercial Register.


You can use our form for a non-binding and free calculation of fees at any time. For more complex enquiries or a written quotation, you can send us the changes you would like to make to the e-mail address crs@moneyhouse.ch. We will be happy to send you a quote after receiving your request.

The cost of our services varies depending on the legal form and the type of change requested. You can always use our form to calculate the price of the desired change free of charge via the link below. Link: https://www.moneyhouse.ch/en/commercialregister/services Simply enter the name of the desired company and click on the search result. This will automatically load the form with the company data, in which you can enter the desired changes. The price will then be calculated dynamically.

In addition to the official fees for the entry and publication of the changes in the commercial register, additional expenses may be incurred, for example for the certification or apostille of signatures. If additional costs are incurred, we will be happy to inform you in advance.

The processing of a change in the commercial register depends on various factors. The type of change requested, the time it takes to obtain all the necessary signatures and the workload of the commercial register office all play a role. As a rule, simple orders without certification can be published in the commercial register within two weeks of the order being submitted. Orders with certification take about three weeks to be completed.

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