Change of seat / domicile

We are happy to support you in adapting your company address. Here it is important to note where the change is taking place. Depending on where the new address is located, the process of such a change varies. The following three variants are possible:

  1. Same political municipality: In this case, the change of address can be carried out without a notarial certification.
  2. Same canton: In this case, a notarisation may be required, which means that the process takes a little more time. You can find more information on this under "Procedure Service".
  3. Other canton: In this case, a notarisation and certification of the signature of the person who signed the application may be required. You can find more information on this under "Service procedure".

Furthermore, it should also be noted:

  1. The registration of a c/o address is possible in all cases. However, additional documents might be required.
  2. The letterbox at your new address should already be correctly labelled with the company name, as the Trade Register Office checks the accessibility of the new address.
  3. P.O. Box addresses are not permitted.

Now you can easily change the entry

in the commercial register

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Service scope

• Preparation of the documents
• All notary fees
• Notarizations
• Preliminary examination of the documents
• Communication with the trade register

Not included in the price are the official fees of the trade register and the costs of any certifications of signatures.



You enter the desired changes in our system.


We will send you the documents by e-mail for review and signature. From our side, this step takes a maximum of two working days.


Look through the documents carefully and return all documents to us signed and in their original form. Please do not forget any identity cards or passports.


The documents are checked, notarised (if necessary) and submitted to the commercial register office. The publication of the changes in the commercial register should take place after about two weeks.


LTD and LLC Other legal forms
Change of domicile* CHF 150 CHF 150
Change of seat** CHF 670 max. CHF 150**
Official fees*** max. CHF 230 max. CHF 60
AG und GmbH
Domiziländerung* CHF 150
Sitzverlegung** CHF 670
amtliche Gebühren*** max. CHF 230
andere Rechtsformen
Domiziländerung* CHF 150
Sitzverlegung** CHF 150
amtliche Gebühren*** max. CHF 60

*Available if the address is within the same political municipality.
**If the new address is outside the previous political municipality. Not offered for foundations.
***Official fees for change of domicile always CHF 30. Change of domicile for LTD and LLC CHF 230, for all other legal forms CHF 60.

FAQ about seat / domicile

Here you will find the four most important questions about change of seat / domicile. Answers to other topics can be found in our FAQs of the Commercial Register.


The processing of a change in the commercial register depends on various factors. The type of change requested, the time it takes to obtain all the necessary signatures and the workload of the commercial register office all play a role. As a rule, simple orders without certification can be published in the commercial register within two weeks of the order being submitted. Orders with certification take about three weeks to be completed.

Our system adopts the changes from the commercial register and automatically updates the details of the companies and persons. This takes place one day after the publication of the changes.

Our service includes the preparation of all documents, the administrative processing of the changes with the commercial register as well as all consultations necessary for the implementation of the changes. Should a public certification by a notary be necessary for the implementation of the changes, this is also included in our service. In the registration of a liquidation, the publication of the three debt calls is also included.

No, we only make changes to the data from the cantonal commercial register.

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