• Trademarks: Entries from the official trademark register

    On Moneyhouse you can find all trademarks registered by swiss companies in the database of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI).

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    How do I see the trademarks of a company?

    You can find the trademarks of an organization directly in the respective profile in the category «Trademarks», if this organization has registered trademarks in the official register. View example

    We show you three different statuses of brands:

    Pending application
    All trademarks that have been applied for at Swissreg but are not yet actively registered. These trademarks are still under examination. The registration date indicates the date of the company's application.

    An active trademark has been officially registered by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) and usually has a validity or protection period of 10 years.

    These trademarks were either deleted from the Swissreg (IPI) trademark register because the application for protection was rejected or the company itself deleted the trademark from the database or the term of protection expired.

    How can I search for a trademark?

    The search for trademarks works in the same way as the company and person search: Click into the search field and enter the name of the trademark you are looking for. Note that this is an exact search. If the name is not spelled correctly, the entry cannot be found. As soon as you start typing, suggestions will appear below the company and person results to make your search easier. By clicking on a suitable result, you will be taken directly to the trademark entry on the corresponding company profile.

    However, you can also search for a name and display all results on the search results page under the heading «Trademarks». Learn more search tips

    How can I register a new trademark?

    If you want to register your own trademark for your company, you can contact the IPI directly. As soon as the trademark is registered in the database, it will also appear on your Moneyhouse company profile.

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about trademark registration or help you register a new trademark in the official trademark register. Make an appointment here

    My company has a registered trademark, why can't I see the entry at Moneyhouse?

    We compare the Swissreg entry with our company database and try to match a trademark entry based on company name and address. If the address of your company (owner of the trademark) is not exactly defined in the Swissreg trademark register as it is entered in the commercial register, we cannot clearly assign this trademark to your company and therefore cannot display it on the Moneyhouse company profile.

    Example: Address contains only «Musterstr.» instead of «Musterstrasse»

    How can I still display my brand on the company profile?

    Search for your trademark at swissreg.ch and check the name and address of your company in the column «Owner». Compare this information with your entry in the commercial register on moneyhouse.ch. If your company name and/or address are not entered in Swissreg in accordance with the entry in the commercial register, you can have your address corrected directly by Swissreg. Updating your register entry