• Search function

    Use the search function to find all companies and persons registered in the Swiss Commercial Register. Premium members also see information on private persons and have access to the advanced search function.

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    How does the regular search function work?

    Click into the search field and enter the name of the desired company, person or trademark. Note that this is an exact search. If the name is not spelled correctly, the entry cannot be found. As soon as you start typing, suggestions will appear to make your search easier. With a click on a suitable result you get directly to the entry of the company, person or trademark.

    It is not necessary to enter complete company names including legal form. If, for example, you search for «Muster» and send the search with the «Enter» key, all companies will appear which contain «Muster» as a single word in the name. However, if «Muster» is only part of a word, such as «Max Mustermann AG», the whole word «Mustermann» must be entered. If you see the company, person or trademark you are looking for in the results list, you can simply click on it to navigate directly to the corresponding profile.

    If you want to refine your search even more, you can also enter a location after the entered search term, separated by a comma (e.g. Moneyhouse, Rotkreuz). You can also search for a postal code - enter it and all entries with the corresponding city will be displayed.

    How can I filter the company search by status or canton?

    If a search query produces a large amount of results, you can reduce them using the filters on the left side. You have the possibility to select a status or certain cantons. If you do not know the current company name, you can click on the option «with previous company names» on the left.

    How does the advanced company search work?

    As a Premium member you have access to the advanced search. With just a few clicks, you can find companies that exactly meet your requirements. Simply select the conditions that the companies you are looking for must meet. You can define the desired legal form, sector, canton and city, turnover or number of employees as criteria.

    With a click on «Search» you will be shown all companies that meet your requirements.