Register number: CH-660.2.903.010-2
    Sector: Management of real estate portfolio properties
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    10 years

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    • ONYX PROPERTIES SA from Conches operates in the sector «Management of real estate portfolio properties» and is active.
    • The company was founded on 25.11.2010.
    • The company has last modified its commercial register entry on 26.09.2019. All previous commercial register entries are available under «Notifications».
    • The reported UID is the following: CHE-116.249.793.
    • There are 5 other active companies registered at the same address. These include: Avtotor Investment Group (AIG) SA, Black Onyx SA, DUQESA SA.

    Commercial register information

    Source: SOGC


    Management of real estate portfolio properties

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    Achat, vente, administration, gestion, courtage, exploitation et gérance d'immeubles, promotions immobilières ainsi que l'octroi de prêts et de garanties aux actionnaires ou à des tiers (cf. statuts pour but complet).


    Source: SOGC

    Current auditor (1)
    Name City Since Until
    Fiduciaire Meyer SA
    Genève 28.07.2017

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    Former auditor (1)
    Name City Since Until
    Veyrier 01.12.2010 31.05.2016

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    SOGC 190926/2019 - 26.09.2019
    Categories: Change in management

    Publication number: HR02-1004725005, Commercial Registry Office Geneva, (660)

    ONYX PROPERTIES SA, à Chêne-Bougeries, CHE-116.249.793 (FOSC du 28.07.2017, p. 0/3672505). Signature collective à deux a été conférée à Nogent Angela, de France, à Pers-Jussy, F, directrice.

    SOGC 145/2017 - 28.07.2017
    Categories: Change of auditors

    Publication number: 3672505, Commercial Registry Office Geneva, (660)

    ONYX PROPERTIES SA, à Chêne-Bougeries, CHE-116.249.793 (FOSC du 23.06.2016, p. 0/2909545).

    Nouvel organe de révision:
    Fiduciaire Meyer SA (CHE-422.573.269), à Genève.

    SOGC 120/2016 - 23.06.2016
    Categories: Change in capital, Change of company address

    Publication number: 2909545, Commercial Registry Office Geneva, (660)

    ONYX PROPERTIES SA, à Genève, CHE-116.249.793 (FOSC du 01.06.2016, p. 0/2864269).

    Nouveau siège:
    Chêne-Bougeries, route de Florissant 158, 1231 Conches. Augmentation ordinaire du capital-actions porté de CHF 100'000 à CHF 600'000 par l'émission de 500 actions de CHF 1'000, nominatives.

    CHF 600'000, entièrement libéré, divisé en 600 actions de CHF 1'000, nominatives. Statuts modifiés le 16.06.2016.