• Forster Früchte & Gemüse AG

    Company status: active
    Legal form: Company limited by shares (AG)
    Sector: Trading in food products
    Gewerbe Brunnmatt 7, 6264 Pfaffnau
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    About Forster Früchte & Gemüse AG

    • Forster Früchte & Gemüse AG from Pfaffnau operates in the sector «Trading in food products» and is active.
    • The company was founded on 30.06.2005 and has 3 persons in its management.
    • The company has last changed their commercial register entry on 01.09.2017, under «Notifications» you will find all changes.
    • The reported UID is the following: CHE-112.426.889.

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    Number of employees, sales and capital in CHF.


    Company status



    Gewerbe Brunnmatt 7
    6264 Pfaffnau

    Legal form

    Company limited by shares (AG)



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    Forster Früchte & Gemüse AG

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