• Floristische Dekorationen, Meier Ursula

    Company status: active
    Legal form: Sole proprietorship
    Sector: Trading with various goods
    Zelglistrasse 4, 5615 Fahrwangen
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    Management (1)

    Executive board

    Ursula Meier

    Authorized signatories

    Ursula Meier

    Source: SOGC

    About Floristische Dekorationen, Meier Ursula

    • Floristische Dekorationen, Meier Ursula with its legal headquarters in Fahrwangen is a Sole proprietorship from the sector «Trading with various goods». Floristische Dekorationen, Meier Ursula is active.
    • The management has one active person registered.
    • The commercial register entry of the company was last modified on 28.02.2011. Under «Notifications» it is possible to view all previous changes.
    • The reported UID is the following: CHE-295.621.182.

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    Company status



    Zelglistrasse 4
    5615 Fahrwangen

    Legal form

    Sole proprietorship



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    Floristische Dekorationen, Meier Ursula

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    SOGC 41/2011 - 28.02.2011
    Categories: Company foundation, Change in management

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    SOGC 41/2011 - 28.02.2011
    Categories: Company foundation, Change in management

    Publication number: 6052242, Commercial Registry Office Aargau, (400)

    Floristische Dekorationen, Meier Ursula, in Fahrwangen, CH-400.1.032.843-0, Zelglistrasse 4, 5615 Fahrwangen, Einzelunternehmen (Neueintragung).

    Verarbeitung von Blumen und Pflanzen für den Verkauf.

    Eingetragene Personen:
    Meier, Ursula, von Oberägeri, in Fahrwangen, Inhaberin, mit Einzelunterschrift.