• Cabinet médical, Elio Ciusani

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    Register number: CH-550.1.048.808-6
    Sector: Operation of medical and dental practices


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    Active companies in the neighbourhood

    Source: SOGC

    4 active companies with same domicile: avenue Tissot 2, 1006 Lausanne

    7 Watts per Kilo Sàrl
    CC-Comptabilité, Catherine Crottaz
    Epag SA
    Flying Devil SA

    8 active companies on the same street: avenue Tissot, 1006 Lausanne

    Gilles Wolff Conseil
    avenue Tissot 14
    Fondation Alizé
    avenue Tissot 16
    Atelier DE JONG Photographie
    avenue Tissot 17
    SMK Secret Box Sàrl
    avenue Tissot 17
    Esplanade des Bruyères B SA
    avenue Tissot 18
    S.I. Le Polygala B. SA
    avenue Tissot 18
    S.I. Le Volubilis B - Lausanne SA
    avenue Tissot 18
    Société immobilière La Chenevière A. SA
    avenue Tissot 18