• New companies: Here is where to find your future customers

    Source: Swiss Commercial Gazette (SHAB)

    On 29.02.2024 219 potential customers were founded.

    Every day we put together an Excel-list of new companies for you. Take advantage of this opportunity and contact potential new customers shortly after the foundation.

    Includes: Commercial register number, UID, company name, sector, address, legal form, capital, purpose, person to contact.

    CHF 480.00 per year

    Legal form

    Limited liability company (103)
    Sole proprietorship (62)
    Company limited by shares (AG) (36)
    General partnership (7)
    Branch with head office in Switzerland (5)
    Association (3)


    Zurich (37)
    Aargau (23)
    Vaud (18)
    Zug (17)
    Geneva (15)
    Fribourg (12)
    St. Gallen (12)
    Valais (11)
    Lucerne (10)
    Berne (10)
    Thurgau (9)
    Solothurn (7)
    Neuenburg (6)
    Ticino (6)
    Basel-Stadt (5)
    Schwyz (4)
    Graubünden (4)
    Uri (3)
    Schaffhausen (2)
    Appenzell I. Rh. (1)
    Jura (1)
    Basel-Landschaft (1)
    Obwalden (1)
    Nidwalden (1)


    Management of real estate portfolio properties (22)
    Services regarding management consulting (14)
    Other construction (13)
    IT services (9)
    Operation of restaurants (8)
    Personal wellness and beauty services (8)
    Architectural and engineering activities (7)
    Dealing and repair of automobiles and motorcycles (7)
    Trading with various goods (6)
    Transportation of passenger and freight by road (6)
    Business management and administration (5)
    Operation of general healthcare facilities (5)
    Other services in education (5)
    Other freelance work (4)
    Other building work (incl. Interior finishing) (4)
    Trading in clothings (4)
    Other social services (4)
    Performance of various services (4)
    Fiduciary services (3)
    Services for banks and credit institutions (3)
    Facility management (3)
    Other services: entertainment and recreation (3)
    Trading in food products (3)
    Car dealership (3)
    Operation of recording studios (3)
    Operation of a printing plant and/or bindery (3)
    Religious, political or secular associations (3)
    Operation of other financial institutions (3)
    Construction of buildings (2)
    Trading in household appliances and related goods (2)
    Mail order and retail e-commerce (2)
    Services for insurance and pensions (2)
    Trading with machines (2)
    Advertising services (2)
    Sport services (2)
    Cleaning of buildings (2)
    Agriculture (various) (2)
    Operation of medical and dental practices (2)
    General structural engineering (2)
    Carpentry, roof construction and general timber work (1)
    Trading in consumer goods (1)
    Operation of hotels, inns and B&B/guesthouses (1)
    Operation of investment companies (1)
    Rental of automotive (1)
    Repair of IT and telecommunications equipment (1)
    Laundry services (1)
    Production of clothing (1)
    Manufacturing of other vehicles (1)
    Notary and advocate office (1)
    University (1)
    Temp agency services (1)
    Painter (1)
    Production and processing of wooden goods (1)
    Other information services (1)
    Recruiting agency services (1)
    Veterinary medicine (1)
    Production of comestibles (1)
    Manufacturing of other electrical equipment/appliances (1)
    Masonry (1)
    Production and processing of iron and steel (1)
    Fund management (1)
    Guard and security services (1)
    Operation of holiday cottages (1)
    Operation of sales stands and public markets (1)
    Creative, artistic and entertainment services (1)
    Water and sewage utilities (1)
    Other booking services (1)
    Operation of a publishing agency (analog/digital) (1)
    Auberge du rendez-vous SNC

    1484 Aumont

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    Bahnhof Pizza Kebab, Inh. Hussein

    5623 Boswil

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    Derex GmbH

    9500 Wil SG

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    FREDO Immo GmbH

    6314 Unterägeri

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    Graf Roesch Architekten GmbH

    8200 Schaffhausen

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    Haliti Rénovation

    1225 Chêne-Bourg

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    Hays Mews Capital SA

    1207 Genève

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    Jakupi Renovationen GmbH

    8500 Frauenfeld

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    K. & O. Facility Management KLG

    6410 Goldau

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    Meeberg ISO Tanks Switzerland AG

    6340 Baar

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    2013 Colombier NE

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    OceanPlants AG

    6330 Cham

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    Odermatt Consulting

    6023 Rothenburg

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    Peter di Gallo Unternehmungen AG

    8627 Grüningen

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    Quiberon Advisory Sàrl

    1201 Genève

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    S. Ismailji Bedachung

    8637 Laupen ZH

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    Salija Sports Agency

    8280 Kreuzlingen

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    Taneja International Trading

    1201 Genève

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    Tapage Evénement & Communication Sàrl

    1870 Monthey

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    Taraldset Consulting & Real Estate AG

    6004 Luzern

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