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    As a Premium member you can follow an unlimited number of companies, persons and keywords. You will be notified by email if there was a change in the company or person or if your keyword was mentioned in a company. We help you to use this function correctly.

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    How does the follow function work?

    If you follow a company or a person in the commercial register, you will be notified of any changes in the commercial register, credit rating changes or changes to registered trademarks. In this way, you are always up to date and do not miss any information about your customers, suppliers, partners and competitors.

    With the free registration you can follow 2 companies, persons or keywords. As a Premium member you can follow an unlimited number of companies, persons and/or keywords. More about Premium

    For which changes will I get notified?

    If you follow a person from the commercial register, you will receive a notification of changes such as change of mandates, participation company foundations or bankruptcies, etc.

    If you follow a company, you will receive notifications when the commercial register entry is changed. Such as a change of persons in management, change of address, petition for liquidation or the opening of bankruptcy proceedings, but also the revocation of liquidations. In addition, we inform you about debt calls, debt collections and about reassessments of the credit rating of the company (can be positive or negative). You will also receive a notification if the company has registered a new trademark in the official trademark register or if the status of a trademark changes.

    If you follow a keyword, we will send you a notification when your keyword appears in a SOGC message. For example, you follow the keyword «Crypto» and the message of a new company contains this keyword because the word occurs in the purpose of the company. Please note that we can only notify you if your entered keyword or an exact text excerpt is found in an SOGC notification (e.g. «Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG, Zürich»).

    How can I follow a company or a person?

    There are several ways to follow a company. You can either click on the blue «Follow» button directly in the search results list behind the entry of the corresponding company. Or click on the blue «Follow» button at the top of the company or person's profile. You now follow the company or person and receive notifications by email.

    How can I follow a keyword?

    Call up the «Following» tab in your customer account and add new keywords that you would like to follow. You will then be notified by email as soon as your keyword appears in a SOGC message.

    A keyword can be any expression, but also a city, a postal code or a combination of the two. Please note, that you will receive many notifications if you follow a place.

    Examples: «Crypto», «Digital», «Bank», «8000 Zürich», «8002», «Zug», «Neue Zürcher Zeitung»

    Where can I manage my follow function?

    In your customer account on the tab «Following», you will find a list of all companies, persons and keywords you currently follow. You will also find the settings for your notifications there. You have the following options:

    • receive an email for each new message
    • receive only one email per day for all new messages
    • receive an email every day, regardless of new messages

    Stop following: Simply click on the «Follow» button on the profile again or click on the trash can in the settings if you want to finish a follow job. If you only want to suspend a following, you can do this with the link «Suspend following» and follow again quickly and easily at a later time.

    Hint: Use the key shortcut «Ctrl+F» to browse the companies, persons and keywords listed below.