• Customer account

    Manage your personal data, orders, invoices and newsletters or consult reports you have already requested.

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    Where can I find the customer account?

    If you are logged in, you will see your name in the upper right corner of the white area. After clicking on the name, a menu will open. With the link «My account» you will get directly to your customer account.

    How do I manage my subscriptions and memberships?

    In the customer account on the tab «Subscriptions & Orders» you will find an overview of the products and memberships ordered. You can see at any time when active terms expire and how many queries of reports you have.

    How can I manage my newsletters?

    In the tab «Newsletter» in your customer account you can subscribe to or unsubscribe from a newsletter.

    The regional newsletter delivers the latest news from your region every 14 days on company start-ups, bankruptcies, debt calls and general company changes, as well as new jobs, real estate advertisements and construction projects. You can subscribe to up to 5 regions.

    How can I update my personal data?

    If your personal information changes, it is important that you update it. Because your account has been verified with the name and company information you provided, you cannot change that information yourself. If you wish to make a change, please contact our customer service.

    However, you can change the registered address and password yourself at any time. Simply click on the link «Change information» or «Change password» under «Personal data».

    How can I enter a separate billing address?

    If you want to add a separate billing address in addition to the address, you can do this directly in the customer account.

    Click on the link «Change information» under «Personal data» and scroll down until you see the option «I would like to use a separate billing address». Check the box and enter your billing a address.

    How can I change my payment method?

    In the customer account on «Payment method» you will find a link «Change payment method» on the right side. You can now change your payment method. The following options are available: Credit card, Paypal or as business customer bank transfer with digital invoice as PDF.