• Bankruptcies and liquidations: Knowing when it is time to act

    Source: Swiss Commercial Gazette (SHAB)

    There were 227 reports of bankruptcies and liquidations on 18.04.2024.

    When a company closes its business, there is a lot to do. Submit your claims, organize the sale of the inventory, clarify legal questions regarding liquidation. Moneyhouse sends you the official news from the commercial register as an Excel list by e-mail as often as you wish: daily, weekly or monthly.

    Includes: Commercial register number, UID, company name, address, legal form, capital, purpose, type of message, explanation, liquidator.

    CHF 360.00 per year

    Legal form

    Limited liability company (97)
    Sole proprietorship (69)
    Company limited by shares (AG) (40)
    Foundation (5)
    General partnership (4)
    Association (2)
    Branch with head office in Switzerland (1)
    Branch with head office abroad (1)


    Zurich (28)
    St. Gallen (21)
    Ticino (20)
    Schwyz (15)
    Vaud (14)
    Berne (14)
    Valais (13)
    Aargau (10)
    Geneva (10)
    Fribourg (9)
    Zug (9)
    Nidwalden (8)
    Graubünden (7)
    Thurgau (7)
    Basel-Landschaft (7)
    Solothurn (6)
    Lucerne (6)
    Appenzell A. Rh. (4)
    Jura (4)
    Basel-Stadt (2)
    Neuenburg (2)
    Schaffhausen (2)
    Obwalden (1)


    Operation of restaurants (17)
    Other construction (15)
    Trading with various goods (15)
    Services regarding management consulting (10)
    Dealing and repair of automobiles and motorcycles (8)
    IT services (8)
    Mail order and retail e-commerce (7)
    Architectural and engineering activities (7)
    Other building work (incl. Interior finishing) (7)
    Management of real estate portfolio properties (6)
    Advertising services (5)
    Operation of other financial institutions (5)
    Religious, political or secular associations (4)
    General structural engineering (4)
    Trading in consumer goods (3)
    Sport services (3)
    Research and development (3)
    Services for insurance and pensions (3)
    Operation of investment companies (3)
    Operation of bars (3)
    Transportation of passenger and freight by road (3)
    Trading in IT and communications products (3)
    Painter (3)
    Business management and administration (3)
    Fiduciary services (3)
    Personal wellness and beauty services (3)
    Manufacturing of medical goods (3)
    Gardening and landscaping (3)
    Data processing and hosting services (2)
    Operation of a printing plant and/or bindery (2)
    Production and processing of wooden goods (2)
    Operation of hotels, inns and B&B/guesthouses (2)
    Operation of general healthcare facilities (2)
    Other gastronomical services (2)
    Repair and installation of machines and equipment (2)
    Carpentry, roof construction and general timber work (2)
    Services for banks and credit institutions (2)
    Management of restaurants (2)
    Trading in clothings (2)
    Other transportation services (2)
    Other freelance work (2)
    Manufacturing of household appliances (1)
    Manufacturing of tools, cutting implements and locks (1)
    Underground lines and sewage treatment plants (1)
    Manufacturing of other machinery and parts thereof (1)
    Manufacturing and processing of glass and ceramic (1)
    Other services: entertainment and recreation (1)
    Trading with recreational products (1)
    Recruiting agency services (1)
    Other social services (1)
    Manufacturing of computer equipment (1)
    Facility management (1)
    Social services for the elderly and disabled (1)
    Locksmithery, smithy and workshops (1)
    Telephone and telecommunications (1)
    Postal and courier services (1)
    Production of clothing (1)
    Operation of holiday cottages (1)
    Other services in education (1)
    Performance of various services (1)
    Production and processing of iron and steel (1)
    Cleaning of buildings (1)
    Trade fair, exhibition and convention organising (1)
    Manufacturing of measurement and control instruments (1)
    Production of chemical products (1)
    Journalism (1)
    Repair of IT and telecommunications equipment (1)
    Photography, Operation of photo labs (1)
    Livestock and breeding (1)
    Veterinary medicine (1)
    Retail trading in fuels (petrol stations) (1)
    Construction of buildings (1)
    Trading with machines (1)
    Operation of a publishing agency (analog/digital) (1)
    14TEN Sports Group GmbH in Liquidation

    4500 Solothurn

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    Aceragen GmbH in Liquidation

    4000 Basel

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    Allconnex GmbH in Liquidation

    8735 St. Gallenkappel

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    carfin partners ag in Liquidation

    9000 St. Gallen

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    CVL diffusion S.A. en liquidation

    1053 Cugy VD

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    Davista Werbetechnik GmbH in Liq.

    4512 Bellach

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    Ding Elektro GmbH in Liquidation

    8953 Dietikon

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    Euroil SA en liquidation

    1870 Monthey

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    F. u. G. Moser AG in Liquidation

    5622 Waltenschwil

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    Hausmann Waters GmbH in Liquidation

    8843 Oberiberg

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    M&P Invest Sàrl, en liquidation

    1647 Corbières

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    mini-jobs AG in Liquidation

    8045 Zürich

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    MOBILE&CO Sàrl, en liquidation

    1201 Genève

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    Perfect Scan GmbH in Liquidation

    8952 Schlieren

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    proplakat AG in Liquidation

    3902 Glis

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    Rimoldi Gastro S.àr.l. in Liquidation

    8136 Gattikon

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    Sinova Innenausbau GmbH in Liquidation

    9444 Diepoldsau

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    Sobaldo Establishment i.L.

    9490 Vaduz

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    ST2023 Trust reg. in Liquidation

    9491 Ruggell

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    Wäckerli GmbH in Liquidation

    8853 Lachen SZ

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