Book advertising: Your services on Moneyhouse

People find Moneyhouse when they search for companies in Switzerland – or for the individuals who control their destinies. Anyone who types the name of a company, board of directors or manager into a search engine almost always finds Moneyhouse on the first page of results.

With a single click on Moneyhouse, you will find relevant information about the company in question that is updated daily and presented clearly. Two million users take advantage of this service every month. According to the NET-Metrix-Audit of the WEMF, that makes us one of the 15 Swiss websites with the widest sphere of influence. Whoever is interested in business turns to Moneyhouse.

Whoever wants to find out more, stays with Moneyhouse. Registered users can see the network of the individuals involved and the past history of companies. Premium members can also see turnover and employee figures and can monitor as many individuals and companies as they choose.

Those who appear most often belong to the decision-makers. A total of 37% of registered users and 68% of Premium members are business people. Whether they are a CEO, CFO, trustee or risk manager, marketing or sales director, analyst, investor or founder, they decide how Swiss business runs.

Does that sound like an environment in which you would like to advertise your services?