Commercial register: Taking care of changes as quickly as possible

Every change made to the commercial register requires correct documentation. There are many reasons for changes: a move, changes in the board of directors, a new company purpose. Our legal team advises you regarding your changes and prepares the documentation for you. All you need to do is sign – and we can submit your change to the commercial register office.

How do you change your commercial register entry?

You can initiate your change directly at We will then prepare all of the required documentation. You sign it, and we forward the documents to the corresponding commercial register office. As soon as the change has been published in the Swiss Official Gazette (SHAB), you will be informed by email.

What is included in the service?

The service includes consulting from our lawyers, the preparation and forwarding of all the documentation required and, if necessary, a public notarisation. The fees charged by the commercial register office are not included and will be billed to you directly.

How much does the service cost?

All of the services listed above are included in the price. Depending on the type of change, the service costs between CHF 150.00 and CHF 670.00 – the online form will calculate your price automatically when you enter your details. It is a transparent, comprehensible quote, and usually around 50% lower than what lawyers and fiduciaries charge.

What is your advantage?

You no longer have to prepare the documentation yourself or consult a lawyer or fiduciary to take care of it. In short: You save yourself time, money and stress.

Are the changes legally valid?

Yes, all of the changes that you initiate using the online commercial register service at are published in the Swiss Official Gazette (SHAB) and are then legally valid and binding.

How long does a change take on average?

The preparation of the documentation and, if necessary, the subsequent public notarisation usually takes between three to five business days, after which the documents are submitted to the corresponding commercial register office. The effective commercial register entry with publication in the Swiss Official Gazette (SHAB) generally takes place within two weeks, depending on how quickly you pay the fees at the commercial register office.

How can we help you?

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