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Premium membership

Search for individuals in the commercial register and beyond. You can also view employee and turnover figures from the companies that interest you. Receive regular information updates about as many companies and individuals as you choose. You will benefit from all this and more with your Premium membership.


CHF 8.50
per month


CHF 9.90
per month


CHF 12.50
per month


from CHF 19.00
per month

Credit rating information and payment behaviour

Protection against financial damages requires a reliable and complete business report about your business partners. To this end, we gather comprehensive creditworthiness information about companies. This gives you much more information at a glance than you would receive from official debt enforcement reports.

Only available with a premium membership.

80 queries

CHF 4.50
per query

40 queries

CHF 5.50
per query

20 queries

CHF 6.50
per query

Single query

CHF 19.00
per query

Bundle: 80 queries incl. Premium

CHF 564.00
24 months

Bundle: 40 queries incl. Premium

CHF 338.80
12 months

Bundle: 20 queries incl. Premium

CHF 205.00
6 months

Single Premium membership

from CHF 8.50
per month

Payment collection information

An officially certified payment collection information.
CHF 26.00 per query

Economic information

A comprehensive information about companies based in Switzerland.
CHF 89.00 per query

International information service

Is your business partner located abroad? At Moneyhouse, you can find comprehensive business information at a glance about companies outside of Switzerland as well. The information includes shareholding structures, individuals in management, credit ratings and much more.

CHF 59.00 per query as a Premium member
CHF 89.00 per query as a registered member

bindexis construction information

Quickly find new orders and the right decision makers. Reach thousands of decision makers of contemporary buildings. Easy handling and ideal support during project processing and job recovery.

bindexis GEO - from CHF 80.00 per year
bindexis PRO - from CHF 80.00 per year
bindexis PLUS - from CHF 140.00 per year

Commercial register changes

Every change made to the commercial register requires correct documentation. There are many reasons for changes: a move, changes in the board of directors, a new company purpose. Our legal team advises you regarding your changes and prepares the documentation for you. All you need to do is sign – and we can submit your change to the commercial register office.

Founding a new company

Draft Articles of Association and powers of attorney, go to the notary office and commercial register office. What else needs to be done? Anyone who founds a company requires a number of documents in different locations. For this reason, our legal team advises you on founding your company and prepares all of the documentation for you, so that your company can be founded easily and rapidly.

Public limited

CHF 900.00

Limited liability

CHF 750.00

Sole proprietorship

CHF 250.00

Which legal form?

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Address shop

Our database has of about half a million addresses, all of which are updated daily. This is where you will find new potential customers interested in your services. You can select the precise region, function and sector you desire.

New companies

Anyone who starts up a new company also has to stock everything new. Perhaps your services and products are just what they need. To this end, Moneyhouse puts together a list of new company start-ups taken from the official reports in the commercial register. You will receive it as an Excel file sent by email as often as you desire – daily, weekly or monthly.

CHF 480.00 per year
or view online for free

List of bankruptcies

When a company declares bankruptcy, you have to act. You will never again miss out on submitting your claims at the right time thanks to Moneyhouse’s service of sending official news from the commercial register to you as a CSV file. You will receive the file by email as often as you desire – daily, weekly or monthly.

CHF 240.00 per year
or view online for free

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