• S.I. Le Polygala B. SA

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    Register number: CH-550.0.070.974-1
    Sector: Management of real estate portfolio properties


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    Active companies in the neighbourhood

    Source: SOGC

    3 active companies with same domicile: avenue Tissot 18, 1006 Lausanne

    Esplanade des Bruyères B SA
    S.I. Le Volubilis B - Lausanne SA
    Société immobilière La Chenevière A. SA

    9 active companies on the same street: avenue Tissot, 1006 Lausanne

    7 Watts per Kilo Sàrl
    avenue Tissot 2
    Cabinet médical, Elio Ciusani
    avenue Tissot 2
    CC-Comptabilité, Catherine Crottaz
    avenue Tissot 2
    Epag SA
    avenue Tissot 2
    Flying Devil SA
    avenue Tissot 2
    Gilles Wolff Conseil
    avenue Tissot 14
    Fondation Alizé
    avenue Tissot 16
    Atelier DE JONG Photographie
    avenue Tissot 17
    SMK Secret Box Sàrl
    avenue Tissot 17