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The following companies reported bankruptcy in the District Zurich:

Date Company Number of employees Place
03.07.2015 Nova Gastro Betriebs GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
03.07.2015 SAS Speed Allround Service GmbH Zürich
03.07.2015 AG 5 Employees Zürich
03.07.2015 Dorafen GmbH Zürich
03.07.2015 Emottion Events GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
03.07.2015 TAZZAROSSA AG Zürich
03.07.2015 Imprimatur AG 2 Employees Zürich
26.06.2015 VCP Asset Management AG 5 Employees Zürich
26.06.2015 Helvetic Capital Partners AG 5 Employees Zürich
26.06.2015 Dani-Reisen GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
25.06.2015 Tradition Tattoo Lindsey Steven 1 Employees Zürich
24.06.2015 Football Academy Zurich GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
Gründungen in Zürich und Region


Folgende Firmen wurden in Zurich und Region gegründet:

Date Company Place
30.06.2015 PLAZZA AG
Purpose of the company is to invest in companies of all kinds at home ...
29.06.2015 Andreas Müller Architekten AG
The Company is the operation of an office for architecture, urban deve...
29.06.2015 Smith Studio
Office for architecture and design: design, development and execution ...
29.06.2015 Daniel Hager Photography GmbH
The company aims to carry out photography and film contracts.
29.06.2015 ELYSANDER GmbH
The Company is the operation of a trading company; in particular the t...
29.06.2015 Verein Kinderkrippe Mrs. Johnson
Purpose of the association is, residents of the city of Zurich, which ...
29.06.2015 Rudin Immobilien AG Zürich
The company is the participation of enterprises in the real estate sec...
29.06.2015 Christopher Kraus Asset Management
Conduct independent asset management activities as well as analysis of...
29.06.2015 Wand und Bodenbeläge, Studer GmbH
Operation of a wall and floor covering business and Allied constructio...
29.06.2015 Nadria Technologies Foundation, Wilmington, Zweigniederlassu
Research and development of alternative energy systems under Swiss law...
29.06.2015 Brokers Hilgarth
Provision of insurance services, in particular arranging health insura...
29.06.2015 DACRAN GmbH
The company aims at the provision of advisory services of all kinds, e...


Important events in the District Zurich:

Date Report
01.07.2015 The creditworthiness of the company Marriott (Schweiz) GmbH newly evaluated*
Learn more: show the latest credit information about Marriott (Schweiz) GmbH
29.06.2015 Resignation from the administrative board at DockOn AG
Who resigned from the administrative board?
29.06.2015 Change in the executive team of Migros Bank AG
How high is currently the company's turnover and how high was it last year?
26.06.2015 New name for Banque Pictet & Cie SA, Zweigniederlassung Zürich
Did the name modification also include an owner change? Who sold its participations at the company Banque Pictet & Cie SA, Zweigniederlassung Zürich ?
26.06.2015 AIG Europe Limited, London, Zweigniederlassung Opfikon with a new director
How high is currently the company's turnover and how high was it last year?
25.06.2015 Several resignations from the executive team at Maerki Baumann Holding AG
How high is currently the company's turnover and how high was it last year?
24.06.2015 Present managing director is leaving Unirenova Holzbau GmbH
Background information about the current financial situation: How has the turnover lastly developped, has the payment behaviour changed and how does an external rating agency currently evaluate the creditworthiness of Unirenova Holzbau GmbH ?
23.06.2015 Resignation from the top management at Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ)
Which member of the management left the company?
23.06.2015 Better Gelato AG with a new name and a new field of activity
How has the turnover developped in the last two years and how many employees does the company employ?
22.06.2015 KIBAG Bauleistungen AG extends the leading executive team
Learn more about the new leading employee: What does he bring with him and what did he before?