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The following companies reported bankruptcy in the District Zurich:

Date Company Number of employees Place
28.07.2015 SPS Sun Point Solarium GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
28.07.2015 MSW Invest AG 5 Employees Zürich
28.07.2015 SANBAU Eddie GmbH Zürich
28.07.2015 FJ AUTOMOBILE GMBH Zürich
21.07.2015 Metrus Trading GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
17.07.2015 Lehmann Horat Partners AG 1 Employees Zürich
17.07.2015 SELOMI BAU GmbH \nc/o Global Investment & Expl Zürich
17.07.2015 Picture Service Gwerder AG 20 Employees Zürich
17.07.2015 RM Restaurationsbetriebe AG Zürich
17.07.2015 AS Storen GmbH Zürich
17.07.2015 Contreg AG 5 Employees Zürich
17.07.2015 SOHAM Swiss GmbH Zürich
Gründungen in Zürich und Region


Folgende Firmen wurden in Zurich und Region gegründet:

Date Company Place
27.07.2015 VitalBeat GmbH
The Company is the wholesale and retail trade with EKG equipment, puls...
27.07.2015 Global Business Link AG
The company aims at communication and networking of international busi...
27.07.2015 M. Fatty, Plattenleger
Laying of paving, tiles.
27.07.2015 bridport & cie sa, succursale de Zurich
27.07.2015 Host4U AG
The company aims at keeping and use of computers, servers and hosts, a...
27.07.2015 ARTE Consulting GmbH
Provision of services in the field of business consultancy, in particu...
27.07.2015 Frontline Business GmbH
The company aims at offering management consultancies in the areas of ...
The company aims at organizing weddings and celebrations of all kinds ...
27.07.2015 NIRVAN JAVAN GmbH
The Company is the operation of a designer brand.
27.07.2015 Nikli Haustechnik GmbH
The company aims at project and construction management and planning w...
27.07.2015 Buchhandlung Nievergelt GmbH
The company aims at keeping a bookstore. Besides books, the range also...
27.07.2015 Bartolome Aliten
Provision of services in the field Storenbau as new installations, rep...


Important events in the District Zurich:

Date Report
23.07.2015 cashgate AG extends the leading executive team
Learn more about the new leading employee: What does he bring with him and what did he before?
15.07.2015 The creditworthiness of the company Sanitas Krankenversicherung newly evaluated*
Learn more: show the latest credit information about Sanitas Krankenversicherung