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The following companies reported bankruptcy in the District Zurich:

Date Company Number of employees Place
17.04.2015 Spice India GmbH Zürich
17.04.2015 Paolisso Ausflockung GmbH Zürich
17.04.2015 dcp smart consulting GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
17.04.2015 C & R Schreinerei AG 10 Employees Zürich
15.04.2015 LES ARTS Coiffure, W. Meier Zürich
14.04.2015 Jamon Iberico, Importacion y Exportacion GmbH Zürich
10.04.2015 Melko Gips GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
10.04.2015 Frick & Co. AG 10 Employees Zürich
10.04.2015 2nd Skin Lifestyle AG 5 Employees Zürich
10.04.2015 IBZ Bauabdichtungen GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
10.04.2015 MVM Marketing Services GmbH Zürich
08.04.2015 Link-me GmbH 5 Employees Zürich
Gründungen in Zürich und Region


Folgende Firmen wurden in Zurich und Region gegründet:

Date Company Place
17.04.2015 DERPHARM AG
The company focuses on the development, production, purchasing and sal...
17.04.2015 Coupa Operations, Inc., Dover, Zurich Branch
The branch aims all activities related to business development and mar...
17.04.2015 Schweizerische Wirbelsäule Stiftung
The Foundation aims to promote and training of young doctors, especial...
17.04.2015 Cantilever Fiduciary (Switzerland) GmbH
The main purpose of the Company is the execution of fiduciary duties o...
17.04.2015 Regenbogen Productions AG
Development, production, organization and implementation of events, fe...
17.04.2015 Rob'n Selma GmbH
The Company is the trade in goods and operation of an online store. Th...
17.04.2015 Falcon Roebuck I GmbH
The Company is the acquisition, holding, managing and disposal of inve...
17.04.2015 Yotree Dettling
Granting yoga classes and yoga therapy.
17.04.2015 G2 Consulting GmbH
The company aims to advising companies in the real estate and project ...
17.04.2015 Bring! Labs AG
The company focuses on the development, implementation and distributio...
17.04.2015 Mehrwert Beratungen und Investitionen AG
The Company has two purposes: First, it serves the financial and busin...
17.04.2015 SASCO Velickovski
Small-scale transport and general cleaning.


Important events in the District Zurich:

Date Report
15.04.2015 Kuoni Reisen AG with a new leading employee
Learn more about the new leading employee: What does she bring with her and what did she before?
15.04.2015 Guyer Wärme und Wasser AG with a new leading employee
Learn more about the new leading employee: What does he bring with him and what did he before?
13.04.2015 Change in the administrative board of Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG
Who left and who entered newly: What does the new one bring with him and what did he before?
08.04.2015 Resignation from the executive team at Rothschild Bank AG
How long did Alberto Cominetti work for the company and which positions did he have?
07.04.2015 Change in the executive team of Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG
How high is currently the company's turnover and how high was it last year?